Krasimira Kubarelova for her new book “Vercheto, Nadezhda i Luvov”

Krasimira Kubarelova is the author of three novels – “Rose bush and fig jam”, “Old hits and creme brulee” and “Krastina and persimmons”. “Verchetto, Nadezhda i Lubov” is her first novel after a 10-year creative break.

“In recent years, we have accumulated a lot of stress and negative emotions. This novel is about good people to whom good things happen. Verchetto is entering an age where he understands that he must take care of himself. She did everything she needed for the family, for the child and for work. Suddenly she receives a letter informing her that she is receiving an inheritance. That’s how he found his roots and all the important things for a woman’.

There is a fear of changing our lives and getting out of our comfort zone, the writer believes.

“When you reach a certain age, you realize how many things you’ve missed in life and try to catch up.” Only the bravest succeed. They try until they find happiness.”

The theme of adoption is also touched upon in the novel.

Krasimira Kubarelova is already writing a new novel, which will be titled “Snowdrops on Ivanovden”.


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